Why It Works

Protecting business priorities when partnering with vendors grows more complicated every day. Because of constraints in resources and expertise, many teams find themselves at a disadvantage managing vendor evaluations, negotiating terms, and securing fair financial value.

You are an expert at what you do, so you know that no one is an expert right out of the gate. It takes time, continuous refinement and applied learning.  Effectively sourcing, negotiating, and managing purchased service contracts has a huge impact on your bottom line, yet few companies have the time or experience to do it right.

Overcome those constraints, reduce risk and preserve fiscal health by selecting the right partner... experts who have been doing this day-in and day-out for over a decade. Leverage proven best practices from years of managing and negotiating 1,000s of vendor contracts. Results to expect include:


Market Intelligence Benchmarking

In the goods and services contracting and negotiations business, it is impossible to make a commodity comparison on price alone. Leverage Seprio's vast experience doing hundreds of deals per year and take advantage of real-time market intelligence. Rest assured you are getting the best possible deal available.


DecreasE Contracting Risk

Ensure each contract meets the individual legal and regulatory requirements your organization demands. We sit down with your legal counsel to discuss each important step of the contracting process, and by doing so, cut down on the overall time your legal department will spend reviewing drafts of contracts.

process (1).png

Bring Consistency To Your Process

Coordination between the various business units (IT, finance, legal, compliance… etc.) can be frustrating, time consuming and inconsistent. Utilize Seprio's experience to develop and implement a consistent process that ensures that the right parties have the chance to provide input, while preventing the process from being bogged down.


Decrease Your Cycle Time

Often the business sees the sourcing process as a hurdle, rather than a tool to speed up the project cycle time. Using a proven methodology that manages the communication-flow of the contracting life cycle will undoubtedly speed up your overall sourcing process and add efficiencies to any project. It’s often the case that even the vendors appreciate a defined sourcing process as it allows them to be most effective with their resources. All of this leads to bottom line savings.

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Knowledge Transfer and Efficiencies Throughout

Empower your staff with complete transparency and education throughout the process. There is no secret "black box" to the negotiations process. Your business is the most important piece in the puzzle so it only makes sense that your team should be intimately involved from the beginning. This translates, ultimately, to a paradigm shift whereby personnel are contributing, from the get-go to efforts that increase efficiencies and save the company money, like managing vendor communication and ensuring proper vendor competition.