Industries served

Protect your business priorities across all industries

From small mid-western insurance companies to global consultancies, protect your business priorities and contract better with proven strategies and methodologies from Seprio's team of highly skilled negotiators. Take advantage of market intelligence and Seprio's vast experience negotiating with vendors of all shapes and sizes. 



Motivated by your priorities

Protecting business priorities when partnering with vendors grows more complicated every day. Because of constraints in resources and expertise, many teams find themselves at a disadvantage managing vendor evaluations, negotiating terms, and securing fair financial value. Overcome those constraints, reduce risk and preserve fiscal health.



Guided by what's right... for everyone

While protecting your business priorities is our number one objective, we realize that doing what's right is always better in the long run. Our negotiations are guided by 3 overarching principles that take your priorities and the priorities of your vendors into consideration. It's not only about getting the best deal in the moment... it's about setting a positive foundation to work together for years to come.



Be Prepared

Every negotiation needs a solid strategy to serve as guide throughout the process. No matter how small the contract, we believe in putting in the effort up front to determine your priorities (both needs and wants), research the market landscape, assemble the right team, and maximize leverage.


Be Objective

All this preparation makes this second principle a bit easier. Staying objective during a negotiation is really really hard, especially if you have a personal stake in the outcome. Even as a third party negotiator, we constantly refer back to our guiding principles to insure we stay objective.


Be Fair

We understand that we are all humans with motivations. Even vendors. This is why our third principle focuses on finding a win-win solution for every negotiation. When we negotiate on your behalf, it's not about winning, it's about being fair and cultivating a relationship with the vendor that will make life easier for all involved for years to come.