Shall we play a game?

Recently we opened a podcast series on War Games... gaming what-if scenarios with key vendor partners before something bad happens.

Caren Shiozaki

Caren Shiozaki

We sat down with special guest, Caren Shiozaki, to get her take on war games over 3 episodes. Caren has experience as both a participant and as a facilitator. She is currently the CIO at TMST, Inc., a mortgage company in Santa Fe, NM. Caren is also the Vice Chair of the SIM national board, and the founder of SIM’s national cybersecurity special interest group. She holds ISACA's certification in the governance of enterprise IT, and is a certified e-Discovery specialist. 

Check out all the episodes and the companion blog posts below. If you have any feedback, we'd love to hear from you! Contact us

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