Vendor Relationship Management


Vendor Relationship Management

Many organizations rely on dozens, even hundreds of vendors in support of the work and products they deliver in serving customers. Failing to view VRM as a strategic imperative is a dangerous miss for leaders who choose to look past it. If you value a disciplined approach for managing vendor relationships, consider leveraging Seprio to help you build or reshape a structured discipline within your culture. Maximize the value of vendor performance by mapping priorities to seven categories to corresponding KPIs:

Quality  |  Delivery  |  Cost  |  Customer Service  |  Innovation  |  Risk  |  Social Responsibility


Maybe your vendor relationship management approach hasn't yet taken form, or you feel like there is a better way, or you have a crisis in one or multipole vendor relationships. Consider an experienced Seprio VRM Guide to help you achieve the right outcomes in protecting your priorities.


One of the biggest obstacles to protecting priorities is the silo. The silo is where a department or team engages vendors void of a defined systemic best practice for that engagement. A simple, yet effective way to protect your priorities in vendor engagements is through collaborative education. Consider activating better results with a Seprio Vendor Engagement Workshop series.

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If you believe objectivity, best practices, and insights from market experience and benchmarks may be worth exploring in protecting your business priorities, explore Managed VR from Seprio.

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