Strategy Development


Strategy Development

While both strategy and execution are important in achieving the best outcomes in negotiating deals and managing vendors, Strategy is often overlooked and undervalued. Not because it doesn't make sense, but because people are consumed with execution, often in firefighter mode. If you want to make strategy a priority because you need better outcomes, you don't have to go it alone. 

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Can you accurately qualify and quantify the performance of your organization across the 7 categories of effective vendor management? If you're not sure, consider The Green Notebook. Achieve clarity about the performance of your vendor management results and practices + obtain a strategy roadmap for achieving your desired outcomes. Improve vendor management decision-making and put millions to your bottom line.

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Are you currently in the throws of negotiating a vendor renewal or new deal and need to be sure your approach maps to the expected outcome? Obtain a clear strategy with benchmark perspective on pricing, terms, and risk exposure. Connect with a Seprio Certified Negotiator to learn more about your opportunity.

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Vendor sales people are trained, experienced negotiators. How do you compete with that in negotiating just a few deals a part of your real full time job? You compete and win by becoming Seprio Certified. Get best practice knowledge and support in negotiating. The next certification course will be online this Fall. Get on the short list for more information on participating in the pilot. The pilot is limited to the first 50. 

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