Episode 3: War Games and Vendor Management

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In our third and final podcast of this War Games series, Pat and Caren wrap up our discussion by exploring how war games fit into a best-practices vendor management process or program. We discuss how to translate War Games to vendor management specifically and how to use the results of the war game to better select a vendor, draft a more effective agreement, or improve an existing vendor relationship. And last, but not least, Caren and Pat debate the best catered lunch to serve at your next war game get together.

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Episode 2: How to Conduct a War Game

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This is the second in our 3-part series on War Games. We are excited to welcome back our guest and subject matter expert, Caren Shiozaki. Today we take an in-depth look into the specifics of war gaming. We’ll talk about how to best set up and conduct your war game, including a step by step guide and the need for a "Dungeon Master." 

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Episode 1: Introduction to War Games

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This is the first of 3 installments on the subject of War Games... gaming what-if scenarios with key stakeholders before something bad happens. In this episode, we discuss War Games generally…what they are, their benefits, and, at a high level, what place they may have in pre- or post-contract vendor management. Our special guest is Caren Shiozaki, who has experience as both a war games participant and facilitator. She is currently the CIO at TMST, Inc., a mortgage company in Santa Fe, NM. Caren is also the Vice Chair of the SIM national board, and the founder of SIM’s national cybersecurity special interest group. She holds ISACA's certification in the governance of enterprise IT, and is a certified e-Discovery specialist. 

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