Large Healthcare Payer Organization Improves Telecom Service and Saves $3.7 Million

Des Moines, Iowa – Wednesday, December 28, 2016 – Seprio, a company helping businesses protect their priorities by contracting better, today announced the results of an engagement with a large healthcare payer organization.

The priorities identified by the healthcare organization centered on their contracts for service with a global telecom provider. Those priorities were: avoid supplier service switches while achieving lower cost, improved terms, comprehensive scope, and favorable positioning for the next negotiation.

Seprio’s scope of work included contract analysis, negotiation strategy, and negotiations. “This was a unique opportunity to work because of the scale and impact of change,” said Randy Roth, President of Seprio. “Over time disparity had crept into the contracting of services. That disparity required us to take a strategic approach to understanding and streamlining their agreements without negatively impacting the telecom service the business had come to depend on.”

Contracts were categorized into five primary buckets including local, long distance, and data. All identified priorities were protected including achieved savings of nearly $3.7 million over three years. Roth also noted that the savings were tangible and already being achieved within a few weeks of final negotiations.

“I would be remiss if I didn’t commend the tremendous team that made this happen. Ten people working together toward a common set of objectives was a very rewarding experience,” said Roth.

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