The world is changing, but your purpose remains the same…

In a world that seems to revolve around technology, your world still revolves around people… Protecting them when they need it the most. However, doing this effectively in today’s world takes A LOT of complex technology. With the advent and adoption of mobile and tablet technologies, cloud computing, and regulatory demands, insurance companies have become increasingly strategic about spending those technology dollars. While the upside to this is a competitive advantage in the marketplace, it can also cost millions of dollars and entail complex licensing strategies and detailed contractual documents. And each of those documents are tied to a vendor… a vendor whose priorities probably don’t revolve around you and those you’re trying to protect.



It all starts with the Green Notebook

Can you accurately qualify and quantify the performance of your organization across the 7 categories of effective vendor management? If you're not sure, consider The Green Notebook. Achieve clarity about the performance of your vendor management results and practices + obtain a strategy roadmap for achieving your desired outcomes. Improve vendor management decision-making and put millions to your bottom line.

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Get an in-depth look into your current contract and vendor management landscape colored by decades of experience working with dozens of different vendors and companies like yours. With this market intelligence, you will uncover paths to greater savings and more lucrative vendor relationships. Acted upon, these insights will improve your bottom line and help you better serve your customers.

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