Global Consultancies

Multinational organizations face unique challenges when entering into sourcing contracts and need to pay special attention to issues like software license grants and restrictions, hosting personal or sensitive data in the cloud, and a whole host of other unique issues. These large, multinational groups of companies are characterized by having many completely independent and autonomous members that are subject to extensive regulatory requirements and oversight, which creates a highly complex environment for procurement and contracting. This complexity presents a challenge for any negotiator, but these companies generally have tremendous leverage in negotiations. The right approach can result in huge cost savings and, often, a peek “behind the curtain” at what even the most difficult of vendors will do if the leverage is great enough. 

The global sourcing teams of two of the “Big 4” tax, accounting, and consulting firms have relied on Seprio since 2006 and 2012 to protect their business priorities through more effective vendor contracting. This has provided invaluable experience in dealing successfully with the issues and challenges that are unique to multinational organizations and/or organizations with disparate operating entities who wish to reap the benefits of engaging in sourcing best practices across all such entities.

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