Q. I have a good relationship with my vendor and I don’t want to put that at risk.

A. Your priorities are the priority. Protecting them means achieving objectivity and ensuring win/win relationships. This isat the center of any work you choose to accomplish with Seprio.


Q. we are experienced. why would we source strategic sourcing and/or Vendor management to Seprio?

A. You don't know what you don't know, particularly with respect to what goes on outside your walls and across the broader market. How do your deals compare to others in the market in terms, pricing, and protection against risk? Think of a football team. Football teams require excellence in every position on and off the field. Negotiating your own deals is like trying to be the GM and the head coach at the same time. Can the GM be a head coach? Maybe. But the team works best when the GM (you) sets the vision, determines the priorities, and recruits the right coaches and players. They then determine the game plan and execute. 


Q. How can you negotiate a better deal?

A. There are multiple layers to this answer. But at the core, a systemic methodology paired with market intelligence insights and daily experience makes for a winning combination of 20-70% savings over and above what Clients achieve on their own. You can check out their stories here or learn more about POWW (Seprio tenants for effective negotiating) here.


Q. I want to do this but I don’t have the resources (time or human).

A. It’s easy to get started, and, in most cases, doesn't require a substantial investment of your time. We only need a signed NDA and the contracts you’d like us to review. After we review the contract(s), we present you with a summary of opportunities so you can quickly make a decision on whether to engage our services. Once negotiations begin, and especially when an RFP approach is in play, however, participation by some of your team is necessary. But they get to focus on the priorities without the rigor of the process.


Q. What type of vendor agreements are worth sourcing to seprio? 

A. If it’s important to you then it’s important to Seprio. Trust and value are intertwined. To achieve both, sometimes that means starting small. If you'd like to explore what that looks like for you, let us know what you're thinking. We can work together to consider what makes for the right starting point for everyone. Contact Us.


Q. How do you integrate with our process?

A. Organizations who choose to parter for strategic sourcing and vendor management come in all shapes and sizes...from 50+ IT procurement personnel departments to companies with no dedicated people. Seeking to understand the culture, the stakeholders, the process, and the priorities...this is the first step to assimilating into your world.


Q. Why should I choose Seprio?

A. Results and relationships. Check out the storybook for more. 


Q. what if there's no budget for this?

A. Budget is rarely an obstacle in the end. It only feels like one if the beginning because the opportunity value in your strategic sourcing and/or vendor management is unknown. through strategic sourcing and vendor management. Consider an opportunity analysis on your vendor spend. With that visibility, you can make a more informed decision as to what if any cost you would incur. In most cases, the only concern is your ROI multiplier. 

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