Q. I have a good relationship with my supplier and I don’t want to make them angry.

A. Seprio is keenly focused on a positive customer/supplier relationship. Suppliers consistently state that we are “tough but fair”.


Q. I’ve been negotiating contracts all my life. We have that expertise in house.

A. We welcome your participation in our process. We depend on your subject matter expertise and your knowledge about your environment to supplement our market intelligence and our proven process. However, we negotiate on behalf of many different clients each year. Wouldn’t you like to leverage our experience and market intelligence? Our contract experts know what to look for in a sound contract that not only generates short-and-long term savings but protects your financial interests and risk over the long term.


Q. How can you negotiate a better deal?

A. Our process has proven to gain 20% to 70% savings on negotiated contracts when we’ve been able to preserve, or create, leverage. We do this by leveraging a systematic process and market intelligence – we negotiate many more contracts in one month than some of our clients do in an entire year. Whether it is purchased services in healthcare or technology in private equity, our process has been proven across small, medium and large companies, and across multiple industries. Our negotiators leverage market intelligence gathered from the hundreds of contracts negotiated over time. Our market intelligence is not only recent, it is relevant.


Q. I want to do this but I don’t have the resources (time or human capital).

A. It’s very easy to get started, and in most cases won’t require a substantial investment of your time. We only need a signed NDA and the contracts you’d like us to review. After we review the contracts, we present you with a summary of opportunities so you can quickly make a decision on whether to engage our services. Once negotiations begin, and especially when an RFP is being used, however, input and participation by certain of your personnel will be required.


Q. Which contracts are worth your while? I’m not sure I have a large enough contract.

A. If it’s important to you then it’s important to us. We are interested in strategic relationships and we will negotiate small contracts as well as large to earn a trusted relationship with our clients.


Q. How do you integrate with our process?

A. We have worked with Clients of every shape and size, from those who have 50+ IT procurement personnel to those that have nobody doing negotiations at all… just one person signing contracts as they come in. We work across all business functions, including IT, finance, legal, and internal SBU’s. We are always sensitive to the culture of our Clients, because we know that while all of our Clients generally share the goal of lowering cost and risk, each has a very different way of doing things.


Q. Why should I choose Seprio?

A. Results. Our references can testify to our consistent results. While others provide niche services, Seprio takes a holistic approach to strategic sourcing and has a comprehensive suite of tools and services spanning all phases of sourcing including RFx definition, RFP management, Contract Negotiations, Contract Management Software, and vendor performance management. This approach is why our Clients stay with us for the long term…our value proposition goes far beyond short-term cash savings and provides ongoing cost and risk reduction, year after year. We’re glad to walk you through some of our case studies.


Q. I don’t have a budget for this.

A. As it relates to negotiated contracts, there is no fee for us to review contracts and assess whether there is a savings opportunity. All we require is a signed bi-lateral NDA. For other service offerings we have a flexible pricing model that is the most competitive in the industry. We recognize that market conditions vary by industry and we are sensitive to the needs of our clients.


Q. I’ve not heard of Seprio what is your experience?

A. Seprio has been in business since 2000 and has negotiated contracts with over 500 suppliers across all major industries. We’re glad to supply references that demonstrate our capabilities. Our references span across industries and across small, medium, to large corporations. In desktop outsourcing alone, in one 18 month period, Seprio managed RFPs and awarded over $120 million in contracts. More importantly there was over $60 million in savings on those same negotiated contracts.

Q. How are you different than competitors? Why should I choose Seprio?

A. We are not niche players. Since we formed Seprio, we’ve accumulated extensive market intelligence and experience and we’ve developed and refined our processes and tools to benefit Clients of all sizes and in all industries. Our value proposition has made us one of Inc. Magazine’s, “Inc. 5000 fastest growing” companies.

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