Executive Team

Seprio was founded in 2000 by Patrick Bohnenkamp, Randy Roth and Brad Simpson, all of whom remain actively engaged with the company and its clients. 

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Patrick Bohnenkamp

As CEO of Seprio, Pat ensures the organization operates as efficiently as possible and that our staff has the skills and resources they need to excel at protecting the business priorities of our Clients. Pat is very involved in product development efforts, creating and delivering consistent, high-quality products to our Clients. Pat is a discerning customer in both his personal and professional life. He researches a product before making a purchase, and expects what he buys to work. This allows him to stand in our Client's shoes, to understand their priorities and perceive how Seprio can best protect those priorities. Pat makes it a point to try and learn something new every day, preferably from his own mistakes. “If making mistakes is a qualification for being a CEO, then I’m certainly qualified.” – Pat

Pat is, first and foremost, a family guy. His nights and weekends typically involve a lot of soccer, but he also loves to travel with his wife and four kids and experience all the world has to offer.

Phone: 515.309.5600 ext. 301
Email: patrick.bohnenkamp@seprio.com

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Randy Roth

Randy is the Head of Sales and manages the relationships with many of Seprio’s existing Clients. Since Seprio’s founding, Randy has filled various operational roles and run many projects that required a partner level resource. Before joining Seprio, Randy spent 20 years in IT for a Fortune 500 company. He made his way from programmer to running IT research and development and started the company’s first IT sourcing organization and Global Strategic Sourcing organization.

Randy is an adrenaline junky. In addition to being a scuba and water skiing enthusiast, he is also the 10,202nd person in the US to get an expert license in skydiving, is an Accelerated Free Fall instructor (AFFi) and a skydive photographer. Randy is also a 5th Dan (degree) black belt and master in Tae Kwon Do. 

Phone: 515.309.5600 ext. 300
Email: randy.roth@seprio.com

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Brad Simpson

Brad’s primary role as Chief Operating Officer is finding companies for Seprio to partner with in various industries and maintaining those relationships. These partnerships strengthen Seprio’s negotiating power and provide valuable market insights which help us get our Client’s the best deal possible and protect their business priorities. Brad also manages internal processes at Seprio and negotiates many of the contingency or shared savings deals in the company. Brad has spent 20+ years in procurement and has served in a variety of roles from negotiator to sales to process creation.

Brad is an avid sports fan, loves being outdoors and traveling the Caribbean. In his free time, when he’s not checking Caribbean islands off his bucket list (16 so far!), he can usually be found attending one of his kids’ events.

Phone: 515.309.5600 ext. 302
Email: brad.simpson@seprio.com