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Choosing the Right Tech Rarely Helps CIO's Overcome Making a Bad Deal

IT Procurement Mastery: Process, Best Practices, and Pitfalls

Few organizations are properly positioned to consistently deploy and leverage best practices in the sourcing of high-tech goods and services...especially software. 

This environment costs many companies millions, and others, tens of millions...and not just in “price at the pump”. The “bad terms” cost extends beyond a negative impact to financial impacts to include other key business metrics such as productivity.

Knowing technology and even knowing how to deploy it strategically does not equal the best deal or the right deal. Often, organizations and their leaders are too close to a deal to be objective. Others don’t have the time, resources, or market perspective to be effective in securing the best deals.

Every organization benefits from a proven process by which the flow of information can be controlled, a formal software-sourcing strategy can guarantee more value, a faster return on investment, and risk can be mitigated for the entire organization.  

Book Randy to speak at your event  where he will guide your audience with best practices and case studies so your audience can:

  • Learn the best licensing method (SaaS, perpetual, term)
  • Reduce the total cost you pay for software by 30%-70%
  • Learn what information should NOT go to vendors
  • Mitigate exposure to risk and potential liability
  • Increase knowledge of important contract provisions
  • Increase budget accuracy
  • Bring consistency and efficiency to the negotiation process

Attendees to this session will learn about current key trends in strategic software sourcing: selection criteria, negotiable and non-negotiable contract terms, best practices in contract and relationship management, how to manage information flow between the vendor and your company, and how to gain the most value from the transaction.

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master certified negotiator

35 Year Vendor management veteran

President @ Seprio

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