MICROSOFT / ORACLE / SAP / IBM… can I really save money?

It’s difficult to say how many times we’ve been asked this question, more than 100 probably even more than 1,000.  Back in the “old Microsoft days…” the licensing schemes were so complex that it was literally necessary to map a 6 year strategy in order to completely optimize a licensing program.  This isn’t the case anymore, nor is it with the other large box software/services companies either.  While it seems very trite, the devil really is in the details.  Too often organizations see these spends happening so frequently that they never take the time to get their arms around it as a collective organization.

Often following the “…can I really save money?” question, is “HOW?”  This answer isn’t quite as simple.  As aforementioned, the devil is in the details as well as within a customer’s own organization.  Many organizations need to have the difficult conversations internally to ask themselves if they are truly serious about tackling these vendor cost saving negotiations.  It takes time and expertise that most organizations don’t possess.  However, if one is willing to invest, the dividends can prove to be very rewarding in both short and long term financial benefits.  Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance with these complex vendors, either from reputable 3rd parties or within an industry peer group.  Experience, experience, experience is the key when handling a Goliath within a David’s environment.

Can you negotiate with Microsoft?  YES!  Can you save money on Oracle?  YES!  Utilize the most effective tools available in the market and optimize your technology investments wisely.