Do you know where your savings goals stand?

Year after year Seprio meets with current and prospective customers to talk about their organization’s savings goals.  Each customer is unique in many ways, however everyone’s initiatives have the same unit of measure, dollars.  In many ways it’s a simple macroeconomic equation, if the dollars in exceed the dollars out, it’s a profitable organization.  However in today’s times the competition for increasing the dollars coming in has risen to uncharted levels.  In some cases it becomes impossible to predict and in turn the spotlight shines brightly upon the dollars flowing out of an organization.

The main focus of any organization looking to save money is simple, do less with more while having as little impact to the overall operations of the organization.  In some cases this means re-negotiating with incumbent suppliers.  Other times it might mean creating a competitive environment among the current suppliers.  However there are times when completely outsourcing a service line is necessary.  All of these things produce savings.  The art within the science is to prioritize these projects to create as much savings with the resources available.

So do you know where you stand with your savings goals?

The way to build toward your savings goal is by spending less and less each month.  It’s a constant struggle doing more with less.

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