Independent Benchmarking...


If you haven't done it with your third party services agreements, you're leaving money on the table and the door open to danger.

First... pricing. Most companies leave a significant amount of money on the table when negotiating services agreements because they have zero context for truly independent, marketplace benchmarks. Also, large vendors will often hide pricing terms in the contractual mumbo-jumbo, especially with complex technology contracts. 

Secondly... Terms. Multiple critical terms are considered by many industry insiders as “unbenchmarkable”. In fact, however, critical terms are indeed benchmarkable. The upside to benchmarking terms is gaining relevant context for achieving win-win accountability and protection. 

When negotiating with large vendors, you may not have the context, market intelligence, or data to know if the price and terms you've been quoted is competitive. By taking advantage of Seprio's market intelligence and experience in negotiating 1,000s of contracts, you can get an idea of how competitive your contract is overall and reveal a path to negotiate (or renegotiate) a better contract for your company.

Stop leaving money on the table and bring fresh profit to your P and L. Close the door on the dangers of data breach exposure and protect your assets and the data under your care.

What to expect:

  • Discovery Call
  • Timely comparative insights
  • Spend Analysis and Report (by category and by vendor)
  • Strategic and/or tactical perspective
  • Path to optimize service levels
  • Long term visibility for sustaining accountability through agreements
  • Virtual report presentation

get your independent BenchmarkinG Score Card.